Welcome to the CAUL/CBUA SCC Digital Scholarship Toolbox, an open, online resource for CAUL/CBUA institutions' faculty, staff, and students. That's already a lot of information, so let's unpack it.

  • CAUL/CBUA stands for the Council of Atlantic University Libraries / Conseil des bibliothèques universitaires de l’Atlantique. It is a collaborative partnership of 19 post-secondary libraries in Atlantic Canada.
  • SCC stands for the Scholarly Communications Committee, which is made up of members of CAUL/CBUA institution libraries involved in scholarly communications initiatives.
  • Digital Scholarship incorporates a number of themes related and/or adjacent to scholarly communication, including:
    • open access
    • digital repositories
    • digital curation
    • digital copyright and publishing
    • authors' rights and publishing
    • digital preservation
  • A Toolbox is a box of tools. Like, for helping to do things.

Whew. This GitBook is an attempt at creating an open, generalized, living digital scholarship resource for faculty, librarians, students, and staff of CAUL/CBUA institutions as a collaborative effort from the members of the CAUL/CBUA Scholarly Communications Committee.

Creative Commons License

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